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Mission Statement: To foster wellness, peace, wisdom and compassion in individuals and in the community through meditation, mindful movement, and deep relaxation.

Mindfulness and Self-Compassion Class with Dr. Dan Gottlieb & Lori Volpe 

(For experienced meditators)

Many people suffer with self-criticism and shame.  We believe the critical judge will help us improve, but it never does – – it only makes us feel worse. These lifelong patterns of self-criticism and shame feel impossibleto change, but they are not.  With devotion to our mindfulness practice we can become aware of our judge and instead of being self-critical, we can learn to be more compassionate towards ourselves, others, and even the critical judge.
Recent research shows that mindfulness — joined with self-compassion — enhances emotional wellbeing, reduces anxiety and depression, and leads to more satisfying personal relationships and better psychological health.

This 8-week class will present self-compassion as a specific application of the mindfulness training attained in the 8-week Foundations course, and will introduce practices that give rise to kindness, self-acceptance and self-care.  Learning to apply self-compassion and understanding during times of struggle, rather that ignoring feelings or being self-critical, can transform your life.

For more information and registering please contact the Penn Program for Mindfulness.  Spaces are limited, early registration is recommended.  Please see Bio page for information on the facilitators.

Dates: Fall 2015 dates:  Monday evenings, Oct. 19, 26, Nov. 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, & Dec. 7

Breath Awareness Meditation – 16 min, 33 sec

Please see the Resources page for more guided meditations.