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What is meditative yoga?

Meditative yoga involves directing attention to your body as you move through various positions or hold a particular pose.  By paying close attention to your body and letting thoughts float away, you will become more in tune with the body’s wisdom.  This practice allows you to develop balance, perseverance, insight into habitual patterns, strength, stability, flexibility, clarity and calmness.  What you learn about your body/mind during your practice can influence your way of being outside of the studio.

I’ve never done yoga before and I’m not flexible.  Will I be able to fully participate?

You should be able to participate in this class even if you are out of shape and new to yoga.  Movements are done slowly and with awareness, and you are encouraged to find and honor your own limits.  Modifications are generally offered for poses that may be a bit more challenging to some.  If you have a particular health issue or concern, feel free to contact me.

How is this class different from other yoga classes?

Because of the slow pace, you will have a chance to fully experience the effects of the movement in the body … the effect on the muscles and bones, emotions, energy level and thoughts.  You’ll be comparing sensations before and after movement, and comparing sides of the body to become familiar with the body on a level not generally experienced.

Hanna Somatics movements, based on neuroscience, are incorporated into classes, helping you address Sensory Motor Amnesia.  Short periods of meditation and teachings meant to enhance your quality of life are offered in most classes.  Practicing simple techniques outside of class is encouraged.

Do I need to register in advance of attending class?

You don’t need to pre-register for yoga classes or mindfulness drop-in classes.  Just show up a bit early for your first class, to get settled.  It is necessary to pre-register for the 8-week Mindfulness Foundation Classes and for other multiple week meditation classes.

Do I need to bring anything to yoga class?

All props are available for your use at both studios.  However, if you prefer to bring your own yoga mat or other props, please feel free to do so.

I’ve haven’t taken a class since school and I feel nervous and shy.  What if I don’t know what to do?

It’s not unusual for beginners to feel self-conscious.  It is helpful to remember that you are not alone in these feelings.  I think you’ll find the classes warm, welcoming and supportive, and that you will quickly feel comfortable in the class.

I’ve tried meditation, and I can’t do it.  Why should I take a class?

Getting instruction from an experienced teacher and the having the support of a group can allow you to get through any hurdles you might be experiencing.  Sometimes, though, individual sessions can be helpful, especially if you are suffering from anxiety or going through Post Traumatic Growth.

I’ve never meditated.  Will the Mindfulness Meditation Drop-In Sessions help me learn how to practice?

The best way to start a mindfulness practice is through an 8-week Mindfulness Foundation course.  But for anyone unable to commit to that fairly rigorous course, weekly drop-in sessions provide an opportunity to learn the basics of mindfulness and to connect with other people on the path.