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Preparing for Meditation: Sitting Still – Learn how to  establish a sitting position that will support your mindfulness practice.



Mindfulness and Kindness

Greater Good

Guided Meditations:

The Mindful Solution

Mindful Self-Compassion


Compassion Focused Therapy

Mindfulness and Anxiety


UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center

Tara Brach Audio Dharma

Kornfield Self-Forgiveness Meditation

The Free Mindfulness Project

Harvard Medical School

Finding Peace in a Frantic World

Insight Meditation Society, Inc.

Breath Awareness Meditation 1 – 24 minutes – Lori Volpe (MBSM Course – Week 1)

Body Scan Meditation – 25 minutes – Lori Volpe (MBSM Course – Week 2)

Breath Awareness Meditation 2a – 14 minutes – Lori Volpe (MBSM Course – Week 3)

Breath Awareness Meditation 2b – 14 minutes – Lori Volpe (MBSM Course – Week 3)

Mountain Meditation – 20 minutes – Lori Volpe (MBSM Course – Week 4) (adapted from Palouse Mindfulness)

Choice-less Awareness Meditation – Lori Volpe (MBSM Course)

Lovingkindness Meditation – 10 minutes – Lori Volpe (MBSM Course – Week 7) (adapted from Salzberg, Kornfield)

Body Scan – Self Compassion Course – Lori Volpe 25 minutes

Self-Compassion Meditation – 20 Minutes – Dr. Dan Gottlieb

Self-Compassion Meditation – 17 Minutes – Dr. Dan and Lori

Forgiveness and Self-Compassion Meditation – 18 Minutes – Dr. Dan


Insight Timer (Join the “Opening In” group for South Jersey meditators)


Somatic Experiencing

Trauma Information Pages


Yoga International

Yoga Journal

101 Medical Conditions Benefited by Yoga – Dr. Timothy McCall


Dr. Dan Gottlieb


Music to Reduce Anxiety

Atlas of Emotions

Dan Siegel’sWheel of Awareness

Free Books

Mindfulness in Plain English – Ven. Henepola Gunaratana

Hardwiring Happiness – Rick Hanson, Ph.D

Recommended Reading