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I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your class and how much I am learning from you.  You’re really making a difference in my life!

I am so grateful to have yoga class and your thoughtful instruction in my life.

Thanks for your welcoming manner and gentle suggestions.  I’ve seen a positive difference in me that I attribute, at least in part, to yoga.  Thanks for your positive influence.

I want to thank you soo much for introducing me to meditation because it has been SUCH a positive influence in my life. I try to meditate every morning when I wake up and have just recently started an exercise routine. What a difference in my anxiety already!

First of all I wanted to thank you for the wonderful lesson on Thurs.  It was really so helpful to me!  At first I was feeling very self-conscious, but you quickly put me at ease.  That was so appreciated.

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your class today. You are a warm & compassionate soul & I have always felt blessed to know you. You definitely have special gifts to offer; I feel honored & blessed that I was able to receive some “Lori Light” today.

Life is so crazy with the ups and downs but you have helped me to navigate them through yoga. Thank you so much.

We really gained so much at the retreat on Sunday.  It was a perfect day from beginning to end.

This stuff works!  

Class today was really terrific.  I believe that people come into our lives for a reason, and you and your class came to my life at just the right time!  Thanks for helping me to learn to help myself—you are a terrific teacher!

Thanks so much for a wonderful class and a life changing experience.